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We build reliable wireless monitoring systems to make industrial operations smarter and safer.

Ackcio Beam

Ackcio Beam

Our flagship product suite, Ackcio Beam, is an end-to-end system that provides complete automation of monitoring sensors in industries like construction, mining, and rail, making for safer, more secure outcomes.

How Ackcio Beam Works


Our remote monitoring provides automated monitoring systems with a design best suited to industrial sites and infrastructure projects. Our unique technology enables underground monitoring and above ground monitoring, working together to cover your mining, tunnels and roadwork projects, just to name a few.


Our reliable data acquisition system is a real-time data collection system working wirelessly to bring benefits to your worksite including:

Enhance Safety1

Enhance Safety

Manage Risks1

Manage Risks

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Key Benefits


Our Ackcio Beam wireless monitoring solution can be used to reliably and securely monitor various sensors in multiple industries.

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Our Partners

We work hand-in-hand with leading developers and industry providers across the globe, from a wide range of product initiation points, including distributors, technology innovators and manufacturing partners, to bring the very best that the entire network of monitoring solutions provides, both now and for future developments.


Katerina Xystri Cropped

Katerina Xystri

Sales Director

Choosing Ackcio for wireless monitoring was an easy decision. The engineers needed to monitor 24/7 without the obstruction of cables. The installation was a pleasure, and we can configure the system from 450 km away! The monitoring engineers are very happy with the seamless monitoring and are considering expanding the Ackcio system to monitor more parameters.

Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson

President & CEO
at Ramjack Technology Solutions

Ackcio is bringing to the mass mining market the ability to collect data that previously would have been too difficult to access from a cost or infrastructure perspective. They are taking away that difficulty, and making it easier to get reliable, real-time data.

Alexandra Emhjellen

Alexandra Emhjellen

at Cautus Geo AS

The Ackcio monitoring system reduced the time it took our personnel to install the instruments and monitoring system in the field, which benefited both us and our client due to cost savings. The monitoring has shown to be incredibly stable. We are very happy with Ackcio’s wireless system, knowing that the risk of sensor cables breaking is eliminated.

Awards and Accolades

Our groundbreaking technology has been awarded industry and business accolades, and we continue to strive to exceed what we have achieved so far.