Reliable, Real-Time, Wireless Monitoring Solutions for Geotechnical and Structural Sensors.


Ackcio Beam is an end-to-end solution that automates the process of monitoring geotechnical and structural sensors in challenging environments like construction sites and mines. The solution is built upon three main components: Ackcio Devices, Ackcio Mesh, and Ackcio Software.

Ackcio Nodes connect with geotechnical and structural sensors and transmit their data to the Ackcio Gateway using Ackcio Mesh, a patent-pending long-range wireless mesh communication protocol. Ackcio Software helps you to configure the devices and manage your data.


Key Features


  • Plug and play style setup and easy to use system.
  • Compatible with most geotechnical and structural sensors from all major instrument manufacturers.
  • Noise-free readings from sensors.
  • Battery life of over 10 years.
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Wireless Mesh Network

  • Innovative wireless mesh-based data collection protocol that provides seamless connectivity in large sites and tunnels.
  • Low-power, long-range wireless radios that provide a range of up to 15 km in each hop of the mesh network.
  • Over 99% reliability in collecting sensor data.
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Software Suite

  • Smartphone app to ease setup and configuration.
  • Always-on data management software through cloud-hosted software.
  • Automated alerts and reports.
  • Ability to integrate with third-party servers via FTP or Web APIs.
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How it Works

Step 1 : Create a project

Commission the devices using our easy-to-use software suite.

Step 2 : Set up the devices

Install the devices in the site and simply power them on to automatically form the wireless mesh network.

Step 3 : Set up the nodes

Configure the nodes using our easy-to-use smartphone app.

Step 4 : Manage your data

Applying engineering unit conversions, setup custom alerts, and generate reports in multiple formats.

Step 5 : Make informed decisions

Access meanigful data with a few clicks and make smarter, proactive, and informed decisions.


Case Studies


Canal Project - Singapore

Monitoring a 1km long canal segment

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MRT line - Singapore

Monitoring sensors at an MRT project

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Services Tunnel - Singapore

Monitoring a deep-underground tunnel

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Some of our awards

SITF 2017 Finalist
Hello Tomorrow 2017 Finalist

In News

February 18, 2019

We ship our largest order to date

We manufactured 100 nodes to be deployed in our largest overseas project to date. It would be used for structural health monitoring of existing infrastructure

October 18, 2018

Ackcio solution deployed in the Bedok Canal Improvement project

Our solution was deployed to monitor strain gauges and loadcells affixed on I-beams along a 1km stretch of the canal.

September 9, 2018

TBM thrust frame monitored with Ackcio tech

Our solution was deployed to monitor strain gauges of a TBM thrust frame in a new MRT tunneling project in real-time.