Driving safety and stability through remote, real-time data.

Our Ackcio Beam wireless data acquisition platform allows for reliable, remote monitoring of geotechnical, structural health and environmental sensors, driving safety and stability across mission-critical industries.

What does this mean for you?

Your team is better-informed to make those critical decisions faster, resulting in enhanced safety and compliance and improving the operational efficiency of your projects, ultimately increasing the productivity of the sites.

Informed Decisions1
Make informed decisions
Enhance Safety1
Increase safety and productivity
Comply with regulations

What we do

We build reliable, robust, real-time, wireless data acquisition systems for geotechnical, structural health and environmental monitoring. Our solution runs off our patented Ackcio Mesh technology which uses long-range, low-power radio communication to transmit sensor data in real-time in challenging environments.

Ackcio’s wireless monitoring technology can significantly save on manpower, material, infrastructure and installation costs whilst minimising risk and, more importantly, securing the safety of the work team. The bottom line, we reduce risk and expenses and increase safety and productivity.

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