Ackcio Software

Ackcio Beam system comes with two software: Snape and Nimbus.

Snape runs on the Ackcio Gateway to help configure deployments and manage sensor data collected by monitoring systems.

Nimbus runs on most Android devices as an app to configure Nodes on-site during deployment with just a few simple clicks.

Ackcio Software


Snape manages your Ackcio Beam networks and your sensor data. It can be configured to upload sensor data securely to any 3rd-party software platform or your own in-house software platform.

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Integrated Software Platforms

Snape can be configured in one click to upload sensor data to the following industry-leading software platforms.

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Simple-to-use and modern interface for data and device management.
Out-of-the-box compatibility with several data visualisation and analytics software platforms.
Remote, real-time access over public and private IP using DDNS and services.
Over-the-air updating capability for Snape.
Intuitive Ackcio Mesh network troubleshooting with support for online/offline maps.
Runs completely on the edge providing for secure and private deployments.
Processes data locally and performs functions such as applying equations to transform vast data sets into meaningful information to help users with faster decision making.
Provides a snapshot of the last 5 data points of each monitoring sensor for effective anomaly detection.
Precise time synchronisation with public/private NTP servers allows users to make informed decisions and take appropriate action while meeting regulatory compliance and mandates.


Configure Ackcio Nodes easily on-site with Nimbus, our Android application. Nimbus is compatible with most Android devices.

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Simple and intuitive device commissioning process with Quick Setup feature.
Easy to use device and network diagnostics to help with troubleshooting.
In-app reference guides for sensor wiring.
Noise test and Network test features to assist with on-site range estimations.
Alerts for new firmware updates. New Nodes can be installed with a few clicks.
On-demand sensor data downloads from Nodes’ local memory stores.
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