Our Story

Ackcio was born out of a desire to automate legacy industrial monitoring systems that relied heavily on legacy solutions like cable-based and manual monitoring systems. These systems were inflexible in complex situations and came with incredible costs over big sites or in underground situations where kilometres of cabling was needed to access sensor sites. As well as the costs and impracticalities of running cables, the data readings were unreliable, difficult to access and in many cases dangerous for personnel to attend manually to gather data and attended to the cables constant need for maintenance. We saw these gaps and limitations and wanted to address them.

Over the years, we grew from a two-founder team working from a single desk to a global company that now serves clients all over the world.

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Ackcio’s automated wireless monitoring solutions deliver consistent, seamless information on the environmental conditions, load strain and land movement to name a few. Data is accessed in real time across designated intervals with continuous communication even in ‘noisy’ conditions like tunnels and mines, where there is high interference from other technologies.

Overcoming the challenges set in harsh and complex conditions is what enabled our growth and industry acknowledgement, best of all, we’ve only just begun to see what automated wireless monitoring technologies can do.

Here are some important milestones that we accomplished during our journey so far


The idea for Ackcio is conceived when our two founders, Nimantha Baranasuriya and Mobashir Mohammad, spot an opportunity to automate manual geotechnical monitoring processes in construction projects in Singapore.



Our founders established partnerships with several instrumentation and monitoring contractors in Singapore. With the help of these companies, our founders developed a long-range wireless mesh-based monitoring system to monitor tiltmeters.

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The prototypes become successful and receive interest from the construction industry in Singapore. Our founders realised that there is a bigger market for the long-range wireless mesh-based monitoring system that they developed.


Ackcio Pte Ltd is officially registered in Singapore on the 22nd of December through the Entrepreneur First talent-investor programme, our first investor.

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The first version of the Ackcio Beam solution is born and deployed in multiple construction sites in Singapore for monitoring various geotechnical and structural sensors.

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The first three full-time employees joined the Ackcio team. They worked out of a co-working facility out of Blk 71 in one-north, Singapore’s hub for startups.

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We raised a S$1.15 million seed investment round led by Wavemaker Partners.



We started exporting our Ackcio Beam solution to our first overseas clients in Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand.



We raised a S$1.35 million Pre-Series A investment round led by Wavemaker Partners.



Our client network expands throughout Asia to India, Philippines, China, Vietnam, Taiwan and South Korea.

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We raised a S$1.11 million Pre-Series A investment round led by Wavemaker Partners.



We appoint our first overseas Business Development Manager in Canada, and enter the North and South American markets.

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We form partnerships with leading distributor partners around the world to accelerate our market penetration efforts.

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We grew quarter on quarter during the COVID-19 pandemic and expanded our client network across 20+ countries in 6 continents.

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We raised a S$4 million Series A investment round led by Atlas Ventures.



Ackcio’s technology is awarded a patent.