Ackcio Mesh

Ackcio Mesh is our innovative, patented, long-range wireless mesh communication protocol that is used by the Nodes and Gateways for communication across incredible distances, even in noisy or difficult environments.

Our Ackcio Mesh network automatically selects the best communication paths in the network and frequencies with less interference for data transmission. This enables highly reliable data acquisition in all types of monitoring applications with stringent data reliability regulatory requirements.


Uses the unlicensed sub-GHz spectrum (863-870MHz, 902-928MHz)
Supports up to 12 hops
Supports 50 Nodes per Gateway
Allows Ackcio Nodes to be deployed in underground environments for monitoring underground sensors
On-demand Gateway-to-Node communication to send instantaneous updates to Nodes like sampling frequency updates

Benefits of Ackcio Mesh

No Critical Paths

Since each Ackcio Node is equipped with a long-range wireless transmission link, each Node can communicate with multiple other Nodes simultaneously. This avoids critical paths in deployments leading to higher reliability in sensor data collection.

Self-healing and multi-hop routing

Long-range links allow Nodes to have multiple path options to choose from. This means that you will get your sensor data no matter how challenging the deployment conditions are.

Frequency hopping

By using non-interfered channels automatically, the data acquisition reliability of the Ackcio Mesh network can be as high as 99%.

Frequency hopping

By using non-interfered channels automatically, the data acquisition reliability of the Ackcio Mesh network can be as high as 99%.

Background sync

If Nodes can’t transmit their sensor data due to network disruptions, the sensor data is stored in the onboard memory and automatically retransmitted when the network is re-established.

On-demand Gateway-to-Node communication

The Gateway can send messages to the Nodes at any time. This allows updates (e.g., sampling frequency updates) to be sent to the Nodes instantaneously.

Tight time synchronisation

Ackcio Mesh protocol enables all Nodes to maintain millisecond-level time synchronisation between them. This allows every sensor to be read at almost the same time, no matter their location, to enable correlation studies.

Secure communication

All messages exchanged between Nodes and Gateways using the Ackcio Mesh protocol are encrypted using highly secure AES-128 encryption algorithms.

The Power of Mesh Networks

Rail Mesh 1

Reliability is critical in any monitoring project. Every deployment is unique in topology, has varying dynamics, environmental noise and obstructions. In order to effectively overcome these challenges, it is vital that the network is designed with all potential threats considered. Having the flexibility in network topology allows Ackcio solutions to effectively be deployed in these challenging environments.

The Ackcio Mesh topology is formed automatically to ensure the most secure, stable and reliable network in any deployment condition as shown below. This is the power of mesh networks.

Full Mesh 600x600px
Full Mesh
Partial Mesh 600x600px
Partial Mesh
Cluster Mesh 700x600px

Mesh vs Star Networks

Most existing industrial wireless data acquisition systems use LoRa-based wireless transmissions, which form a star network. Star networks are simple to deploy and consume less battery power.

However, they have major drawbacks in large, dynamic, challenging sites or underground deployments because each Node will not be able to communicate directly with the Gateway due to severe obstructions.

In contrast, Ackcio Mesh network allows for superior connectivity in any deployment thanks to its innovative long-range wireless mesh communication technology.