Tiltmeter Nodes

Ackcio Tiltmeter Nodes have an in-built MEMS bi-axial tilt sensor module built, installed, and calibrated by Sisgeo Asia Pacific. It is ideal for monitoring tilt in buildings, structures, railway tracks and other tilt monitoring applications such as slope stability.


All-in-one, wireless tiltmeter sensor node.
Sensor readings are accurate and reliable using noise-free and repeatable readings.
Possible to store over 65,000 readings with time using in-built memory.
Connects to the long-range mesh network Ackcio Mesh, to send data rapidly and accurately from any location to external servers.
Protection from harsh conditions, including shock with an IP67-rated cast-aluminium enclosure.
Low-power operations ensure long battery life.
Environmental pressure readings can be captured with an Internal barometer for sensor reading compensation.
Optional brackets are provided to facilitate deployments in horizontal and vertical orientations and railway tracks.


Tm Internal 2 Transparent Upd
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