Ackcio Beam

Our flagship product suite is Ackcio Beam, a wireless data acquisition system. It allows you to safely monitor industrial sensors wirelessly and reliably in mission-critical industries in both aboveground and underground environments.

Ackcio Beam runs completely on the edge with zero cloud connectivity to provide secure and private data acquisition across your monitoring projects.

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How it Works

Ackcio Beam allows for seamless monitoring of most types of industrial sensors through industry-leading software platforms (or even your own in-house software platform) using a flexible and intelligent network of reliable wireless data feed. Starting with your positioned sensors, no matter where they are installed in your projects, Ackcio Nodes gather the data in real time, relay this through the established Mesh network to the Gateway, all the way to your software.

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Ackcio Nodes

Sensors are plugged into Nodes. Nodes run on batteries and can be placed wherever the sensors are located – both aboveground and underground.

Ackcio Gateways

Ackcio Gateways receive periodic sensor data from the Nodes and upload the data to 3rd-party software platforms or your own software platform via API or FTP push.

Ackcio Mesh

Ackcio Mesh is our patented long-range mesh communication protocol that is used by the Nodes and Gateways to exchange sensor data and configuration messages between them.

Ackcio Software

The Ackcio Beam system comes with two software solutions: Snape and Nimbus. Snape is our web-based network configuration and data management software that runs on our Gateways. Nimbus is our Android mobile app that can be used to configure Nodes on project sites.

Why use Ackcio Beam?

The Ackcio Beam system has many unique features that make it ideal for your industrial monitoring applications.

Monitor sensors underground

Thanks to the innovative long-range Ackcio Mesh wireless communication protocol, Ackcio Beam can be deployed in underground tunnels, mines, galleries, etc. for monitoring sensors safely and cost effectively.

Compatible with a wide variety of sensors

Our Nodes support the widest range of industrial sensors used in industries like construction, mining, infrastructure, and rail.

Re-transmission of failed sensor data

If Nodes can’t send sensor data due to network disruptions, the Nodes will save the sensor data in their local memories and retransmit to the Gateway at a later point in time when the network is reinstated.

On-demand Gateway-to-Nodes communication

Our Gateways can speak with their Nodes at any point in time. So things like updating sampling intervals can be done instantaneously rather than waiting for the next sampling interval.

Superior reliability in data acquisition for regulatory compliance

Our Ackcio Mesh network automatically selects the best communication paths in the network and frequencies with less interference for data transmission. This enables highly reliable data acquisition in all types of monitoring applications with stringent data reliability regulatory requirements.

Sensor Compatibility

Ackcio Beam solution is compatible with most analogue (voltage, current-loop, Wheatstone Bridge), vibrating wire, pulse counting, and digital (RS485, RS232, and SDI-12) sensors.

Strain gauges
In-place inclinometers
Load cells
Pressure cells
Displacement sensors
Crack meters
Temperature sensors
Water level sensors
Flow rate sensors
and many more


Paul Thurlow

Paul Thurlow

Vice President, Western Region
at GEO-Instruments

The ability to read longer instruments and the networking ability the system offered in a challenging location was a key factor on this project.

Antonis Charalampidis

Antonis Charalampidis

Geotechnical Specialist
at SMT Nordic ApS

Ackcio provides robust wireless data acquisition solutions in areas where several instruments are concentrated in a relatively wide area.

Benedikt Bruns

Benedikt Bruns

Managing Partner
at GEO-Inspector

We were looking for a better solution. And that’s how we came to Ackcio, to bring these different sensors to one system.

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