Ackcio Gateway

Ackcio Gateway is the master device that coordinates the entire Ackcio Beam data acquisition system.

It receives sensor data from the Nodes and pushes them to the external software platform of your choice to analyse and record your sensor data. The Gateway works both ways, enabling you to push configuration messages, like sampling frequency updates, to the Nodes.


16GB of memory to store received sensor data for manual retrieval if necessary.
In-built Snape software with remote access functionality for Gateway configuration and data management.
The in-built intelligent backup battery system that powers the Gateway wireless radio continues to receive sensor data from Nodes if the main power supply is disrupted.
Supports Internet or local network connectivity for sensor data push via LAN, Wi-Fi, or cellular data links.
Completely private edge system that directly uploads sensor data to your software systems.
Zero cloud connectivity to ensure greater security and privacy of your data.


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