Wireless Telemetry Revolutionises Highway Tunnels Monitoring for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

With quick deployment in under 4 hours, save on costs while ensure structural integrity with ease, setting new standards for highway tunnel maintenance.


Neotek Tunnel Project Highway

During the annual maintenance of a twin highway tunnel in Greece, the asset owner realized the need for continuous monitoring of some cracks in the tunnel linings to ensure the quality and safety of the structure.

NEOTEK, a solution provider in Greece specializing in instrumentation and industrial applications in the fields of civil, mechanical, geotechnical, structural and seismological engineering, was engaged for this task.

Traditional wired dataloggers would have required extensive installation efforts, including many well-trained workers and many days of work laying conduits from the sensor positions to a central data acquisition unit. This approach would have resulted in prolonged working hours, traffic disturbance, and increased material and workmanship costs. 

Neotek Tunnel Project Tunnel

Having installed in the past traditional cabled systems to monitor cracks at various highway tunnels all over Greece, NEOTEK understood these limitations firsthand and sought a wireless telemetry solution to streamline the monitoring process.


NEOTEK selected the Ackcio wireless monitoring solution to address the challenges associated with traditional cable systems. This eliminated the use of conduits, long working hours and traffic disturbance while allowing the owner to monitor from his office the measurements.

Only two people were required to install the sensors and nodes and configure them to the gateways, which were pre-installed by the owner with NEOTEK guidance, in the link tunnels. Each installation job was finished in a matter of no more than 4 hours, most of which was moving and setting the lifting truck into the desired installation positions.

Neotek Tunnel Project Installation 2

11 BEAM-AN-S1 Analogue Nodes were deployed and connected to analogue displacement sensors installed in the highway tunnels. One gateway was installed per direction per tunnel, monitoring up to 4 sensors each. The distances between the installed Ackcio Nodes and Gateways varied, with the longest distance being approximately 130 meters. This allows for continuous monitoring of cracks expansions, providing crucial information for the safety of the tunnel.

Neotek Tunnel Project Device 1


  • Efficient Installation:
    • Quick installation completed in under 4 hours per job.
    • Minimal disruption during annual maintenance works.
  • Cost Savings:
    • Elimination of conduits reduces material and workmanship costs.
    • Optimal resource utilization with only two personnel required.
  • Remote Monitoring:
    • Ackcio’s wireless solution enables remote monitoring from the owner’s office.
    • Real-time data access without on-site visits.
  • Quality Monitoring:
    • Effective monitoring of existing cracks enhances overall asset value.
    • Ensures structural integrity through continuous quality assurance.
Neotek Tunnel Project Installation


  • Continuous data stream easily accessible 
  • Smooth on-site deployment 
  • Enhanced infrastructure safety
  • Effective crack monitoring

The installation of Ackcio Beam system significantly improved the efficiency of crack monitoring during the annual maintenance of highway tunnels. The elimination of conduits and long working hours not only reduced costs but also minimized traffic disturbances. The wireless solution added substantial value to the asset by providing real-time, remote access to measurements. NEOTEK praised the ease of working with Ackcio, highlighting their dedicated support and commitment to meeting the specific needs of the project at hand.


High end quality equipment, enthusiastic people, thorough and immediate technical support, always a pleasure to work with Ackcio.
– Katerina Xystri
Sales Director, NEOTEK

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