Great World MRT Station – Singapore

In February 2019, the Singapore Government planned to test Ackcio Beam's wireless monitoring technology.

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In February 2019, the Singapore Government tested the strength and ability of Ackcio Beam’s wireless monitoring technology. The site they chose for the test was the Great World MRT station which was still under construction at the time.

The testing sequence for Ackcio Beam was set between February and April 2019. The Ackcio Beam system deployed at the site monitored vibrating wire piezometers, strain gauges, load cells, MEMS tiltmeters, and digital tiltmeters.

Each of these instruments required a specific type of Ackcio Node for monitoring:

  • Vibrating Wire Nodes to monitor the piezometers and strain gauges
  • Analogue Nodes to monitor the MEMS tiltmeters
  • Digital Nodes to monitor the digital tiltmeters

The Nodes were located 0.5 to 1.3km apart in a congested urban environment which presented a few obstacles including:

  • A dense urban environment of tall buildings and vegetation
  • The need to locate monitoring instruments both above and below ground
  • Instruments previously installed in an underground car park inhibiting direct connectivity to the Gateway (located in a central location at the construction site).Ackcio Beam’s data transmission during this test was measured for its quality and 
  • reliability.

In terms of quality, the Ackcio Beam system deployed was found to seamlessly transmit sensor data without compromising accuracy or sensitivity.

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In terms of reliability, the Ackcio Beam system deployed was found to have average signal strength and deliver periodic readings from each sensor with a failure rate under 5%. Data losses, if any, would not occur consecutively within critical time durations.

According to the results of this test, Ackcio Beam transmitted readings from all designated monitoring sensors with over 98% reliability. Meanwhile, the quality of data obtained by the system was well within target limits set by the Singapore government.

Overall, this official test served as a successful demonstration of Ackcio Beam’s quality and reliability in a challenging environment and further proved its capacity to be deployed in other major projects in Singapore.