Ackcio Nodes

Ackcio Nodes are used to monitor the various geotechnical and structural sensors deployed at a work site. Our Nodes support most industrial sensors and can connect to a range of brands and sensor types.

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An S1 External 1 Transparent

The Nodes have long battery life and the ability to send and receive data over long distances, in both above and below ground environments.

Our Nodes take periodical readings (set at your preferred intervals) and transmit data via Ackcio Mesh to Ackcio Gateway to download to your preferred server. As well as relaying data in real time they can also store data that can be accessed remotely.

To make wireless monitoring safe and cost effective, all Ackcio Nodes work remotely, enabling fast and easy changes to settings, interval timings and retrieval of data on demand.

Because monitoring environments are so diverse there are several different Nodes to choose from to help overcome any challenges harsh conditions may present. We also provide a Tilt Sensor Node that contains an in-built MEMS tilt sensor.

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An S1 External 1 Transparent
Ackcio Analogue Nodes
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Ackcio Vibrating Nodes
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Ackcio Digital Nodes
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Ackcio Tiltmeter Nodes
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Ackcio Repeater Nodes