Reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and delivering safe worksites with wireless monitoring solutions

Construction sites are dynamic with a multitude of parameters, each requiring careful monitoring to ensure build quality and safety. Inadequate monitoring or lack of effective site data leads to unnecessary downtime, which is costly and a massive burden on budgets and timeframes to completion.

To help overcome these complex issues in harsh environments, reliable monitoring solutions are crucial to ensure safety, effective risk management, improved decision making, and ultimately increased work productivity.

Reliable wireless monitoring systems allow more accurate data readings in real time, helping to avoid unnecessary downtime on crucial projects.

Enhance Safety
Enhance / Increase safety
Manage Risks
Manage risk
Informed Decisions
Improve decision making
Increase Productivity
Increase productivity

Common challenges experienced in monitoring construction sites

Delays and stop-work orders increase costs
Need for real-time data for accurate decision making
Unreliable readings from cable-based and manual monitoring systems
Difficulty collecting sensor data from underground locations
Constantly changing dynamic environments
Site complexities and scale
High-cost monitoring solutions can overstretch budgets
Demonstrating compliance on environmental, social and governance requirements
Reduce challenges
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The dynamic nature of a construction site creates multiple challenges making legacy systems, such as cable-based or manual monitoring, costly to deploy and limited in terms of practicality, efficiency, and reliability.

Reliable, wireless, real-time monitoring solutions address these issues, among many others, efficiently mitigating risk, increasing safety, and boosting productivity, all for a better price.

Our Solution

Ackcio Beam forms an end-to-end, mesh-based, wireless solution for monitoring geotechnical, structural, and environmental sensors, allowing operators real-time and remote access to sensor data. Ackcio Mesh eliminates the challenges of obstructions, high noise and complex, large scale sites that influence connectivity.

Ultimately Ackcio Beam enhances safety and improves risk management through smarter, data-driven decisions, and bottom-line increases productivity.

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Key Benefits

Real-time sensor data for smarter decision making

Improved sensor data reliability and integrity powered by Ackcio Mesh

Improved risk management

Increased safety

Increased efficiency

Reduced costs

Increased productivity

Compliance with regulations


Elson Kong
Elson Kong

Planning Engineer
at Kimaro

By using Ackcio Beam, we managed to save a significant amount of time, man-hours, labour costs, and comfortably fulfilled all of our monitoring requirements. It certainly made our work easier when monitoring the vast network of strain gauges we had deployed across the site

Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson

President & CEO
at Ramjack Technology Solutions

Reliable, real-time data is critical to keeping mines safe and ensuring uninterrupted production; Ackcio’s long-range meshing capability is exactly the telemetry solution that our mining customers are looking for. We are very excited about our new partnership with Ackcio and all of us at Ramjack are looking forward to working with Nimantha and his team of experts

Thorarinn Andresson
Thorarinn Andresson

Senior Director, Infrastructure IoT
at Bentley Systems

I'm happy to have Ackico as our official technology partner. Ackcio wireless monitoring solutions monitor various geotechnical and structural sensors in multiple industries. I look forward to our customers being able to easily integrate their Ackcio monitoring systems into our Vista Data Vision platform


Ackcio Beam provides a complete, end-to-end wireless monitoring solution for construction sites including the monitoring of

Tilt Of Structures
Tilt of structures
Pore Water Pressure
Pore water pressure
Strain Props
Strain and Load on struts, props and retaining structures
Lateral Deformation
Lateral deformation of soil
Crack Of Structures
Cracks of structures

And More

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