Driving safety with preventive maintenance through wireless, real-time monitoring

Railways require ongoing, reliable monitoring solutions to ensure safety, manage risks, and improve decision making. From track bed conditions to stability of the surrounding earthworks, an efficient monitoring solution can provide advanced warnings of potentially dangerous events and optimise maintenance.

Enhance Safety
Enhance / Increase safety
Manage Risks
Manage risk
Informed Decisions
Improve decision making
Increase Productivity
Increase productivity

Common challenges experienced in monitoring railway sites

Data in real-time is required
Solutions based on cable and manual monitoring are not reliable
Safety concerns around remote locations, underground locations, or difficulties in accessing areas
Collecting sensor data from underground locations is difficult
Challenging underground environments
The site is complex and large
Finding budget-friendly monitoring solutions
Meeting environmental, social, and governance compliance requirements
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The ongoing monitoring of railways is crucial to support the safety and continuous maintenance of railway systems. Reliability in remote, hard to access, and underground environments is a constant challenge.

These challenges can be addressed with reliable, wireless, real-time solutions that increase safety, reduce risk and liability, and increase the efficiency of the railway network.

Our Solution

Geotechnical, structural, and environmental sensors are monitored by Ackcio Beam, a wireless mesh-based solution allowing operators to access sensor data in real time and remotely. Ackcio Mesh reduces the challenges of obstructions, high noise, and large, complex sites that interfere with connectivity.

Through smarter, data-driven decisions, Ackcio Beam enhances safety and improves risk management, which ultimately increases productivity.

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Key Benefits

Reliable data delivered from underground locations in real-time for smarter decision making

Improved sensor data integrity and flexible system placement using Ackcio Mesh

Enhanced risk management

Better onsite safety

Increased project efficiency

Reduced costs

Ability to accurately predict and prevent ongoing maintenance

Can show compliance to various regulation codes


Elson Kong
Elson Kong

Planning Engineer
at Kimaro

By using Ackcio Beam, we managed to save a significant amount of time, man-hours, labour costs, and comfortably fulfilled all of our monitoring requirements. It certainly made our work easier when monitoring the vast network of strain gauges we had deployed across the site

Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson

President & CEO
at Ramjack Technology Solutions

Reliable, real-time data is critical to keeping mines safe and ensuring uninterrupted production; Ackcio’s long-range meshing capability is exactly the telemetry solution that our mining customers are looking for. We are very excited about our new partnership with Ackcio and all of us at Ramjack are looking forward to working with Nimantha and his team of experts

Thorarinn Andresson
Thorarinn Andresson

Senior Director, Infrastructure IoT
at Bentley Systems

I'm happy to have Ackico as our official technology partner. Ackcio wireless monitoring solutions monitor various geotechnical and structural sensors in multiple industries. I look forward to our customers being able to easily integrate their Ackcio monitoring systems into our Vista Data Vision platform


Ackcio Beam provides a complete, end-to-end wireless monitoring solution for railway operations including

Track Condition
Track condition monitoring

And More

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