Vibrating Wire Nodes

Ackcio Vibrating Wire Nodes monitor all types of sensors that have vibrating wire outputs, and/or pulse counter outputs.

BEAM-VW-S1: Supports 1 sensor (1 vibrating wire channel, 1 pulse counter, and 1 thermistor channel)

BEAM-VW-S8: Supports 8 sensors (8 vibrating wire channels and 8 thermistor channels)


Compatible with most vibrating wire sensors types.
Provides accurate, noise-free, reliable, and repeatable sensor readings.
The in-built memory can store more than 65,000 readings over time.
Links to the flexible and long-range Ackcio Mesh network, to send sensor data to the Gateway efficiently in real time.
Intelligent error detection that points out errors in connecting sensors and faulty sensors.
IP67-rated cast-aluminium enclosure that is ideal for reliable deployments in harsh environments.
Uses low power to promote long battery life.
Obtains environmental pressure readings for sensor reading compensation using an internal barometer.

Sensor compatibility

Strain Gauge
Strain gauges
Load Cells
Load cells
Crack Meters
Crack meters


Vw S1 Internal 1 Transparent Upd
Vw S8 Internal 1 Transparent Upd
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