Exploring Ackcio Mesh: The Future of Secure and Reliable Data Acquisition

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Reliability is critical in any monitoring project, and Ackcio Mesh offers just that. Ackcio Mesh is an innovative, patented, long-range wireless mesh communication protocol enabling reliable data acquisition in all monitoring applications with stringent regulatory requirements for data reliability.

Ackcio Mesh uses the unlicensed sub-GHz spectrum (863-870MHz, 902-928MHz) and supports up to 12 hops, allowing for communication across incredible distances, even in noisy or complex environments. The network automatically selects the best communication paths and frequencies with less interference for data transmission, ensuring highly reliable data acquisition.

With Ackcio Mesh, there are no critical paths in deployments, as each node is equipped with a long-range wireless transmission link that enables communication with multiple other nodes simultaneously. This avoids critical paths and leads to higher reliability in sensor data collection. Additionally, the long-range links allow nodes to have multiple path options, ensuring self-healing and multi-hop routing for reliable data transmission.

Check out this case study where Ackcio Mesh is used to Automate Monitoring of a Deep Underground Mine in Australia.

The Ackcio Mesh protocol also enables tight time synchronisation between nodes, allowing every sensor to be read almost simultaneously, regardless of location. All messages exchanged between nodes and gateways using the Ackcio Mesh protocol are encrypted using highly secure AES-128 encryption algorithms, ensuring secure communication.

If nodes can’t transmit their sensor data due to network disruptions, it is stored in onboard memory and automatically retransmitted when the network is re-established. The gateway can also send messages to the nodes at any time, allowing updates such as sampling frequency updates to be sent instantaneously.

Ackcio Mesh is especially useful for underground deployments. The network topology is formed automatically to ensure the most secure, stable, and reliable network in any deployment condition, providing the flexibility needed to deploy solutions in challenging environments.

In conclusion, the power of mesh networks enables highly reliable data acquisition in all types of monitoring applications. With its innovative features, including self-healing and multi-hop routing, frequency hopping, and on-demand gateway-to-node communication, Ackcio Mesh provides a reliable and flexible solution for wireless monitoring.