Your Questions Answered: “Making industrial monitoring simple, smart, and safe” Webinar

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Learn how Ackcio and Inzwa’s sensor management integration helps you reduce the time, headaches and cost of your geotechnical monitoring.

In 2022, Ackcio and Inzwa announced an integration between their flagship geotechnical monitoring solutions, giving users the power of Ackcio’s automated, wireless monitoring solution and the easy management and analytics of Inzwa’s Cloud centralized sensor management platform, all in real-time.

In two joint webinars on January 10 and 12, 2023, the two companies explained how to make industrial monitoring simple, smart and seamless throughout the entire geotechnical monitoring process, from configuration and data acquisition, to data visualization, analysis and management. Here’s a recap of the Q & A from the sessions. To watch the full webinar, click here.

1. How long does it typically take to implement new sensors on the Inzwa Cloud?

Inzwa manages the process of integrating sensors and loggers into our platform to relieve the user from the burden of this process. This allows us to tightly integrate devices into all the features of the platform, freeing the user from the burden of configuring data maps, visualizations and reports. Implementation times vary depending on the type of sensor and the complexity of the visualizations. Generally speaking, simple sensors and sensors we have previously integrated from other manufacturers take a few days, whereas more complex instruments can take a few weeks.

2. How secure is the communication between the Ackcio devices and Inzwa Cloud?

There are two levels of security in the setting: one is between Ackcio devices and Ackcio gateway, all the data that flows through are end-to-end encrypted using AES-128 (click here to read more), and once the data reaches the Gateway, it is sent in an authenticated way to Inzwa using token-based API authentication. So basically all the way from Ackcio nodes to Inzwa Cloud is all encrypted and authenticated.

3. How many users can I have managing the device/sensor on the Inzwa Cloud?

Customers may have as many administrative or their own customer users as they wish. Inzwa Cloud uses a device licensing model instead of a user licensing model.

4. Is there a limit to the number of Ackcio Gateways that can send data to a single INZWA project?

No. Inzwa Cloud can support any number of Ackcio Gateways.

5. In what ways can the Ackcio Gateway connect to the internet?

We provide all the standard mechanisms to connect Gateway to the internet – you can put 4G sim card, you can connect over a LAN, or you can connect to the site WiFi network.

Ackcio Beam - How It Works

6. What happens when the system loses internet access?

On Ackcio Gateway, there is an algorithm to store all the data locally. When the internet is restored, all the pending data is streamed in real-time to Inzwa Cloud so you don’t lose any information despite the downtime which can be hours, days, or weeks. There is 16GB of onboard storage on Ackcio Gateways.

7. Is it possible to have free limited access to Inzwa Cloud?

Inzwa offers a 60-day evaluation period using devices of your choice or with the Veva III – our vibration and tilt monitor.

8. Are there any fail-safe mechanisms to prevent data loss from Ackcio devices?

There are quite a few fail-safe mechanisms that we have implemented in our system. First, on the Node itself, each data that is communicated through the wireless mesh is also stored locally on the Nodes. Users can always take their android mobile phone and download all the stored data. We also implemented another feature where whenever a network is restored after a temporary disruption due to obstruction or interference and the mesh network is reestablished, we send all the locally stored data back to Gateway automatically. Users don’t have to go to each of the nodes in the network to download the data. This makes the entire process much more user-friendly. Moreover, each data point is also stored on Gateway’s 16GB onboard memory besides being sent to Inzwa Cloud. Thus, for every single project, every single data is stored on the Node, on the Gateway, and on the Cloud, thus offering sufficient redundancy.

9. If you need to do a calculation out of the raw data, where do you insert that?

Engineering unit calculations are done by the Ackcio gateway and Inzwa Cloud stores those values. Further calculation on Inzwa Cloud is possible. Please reach out to us to discuss your specific situation.