Ackcio Showcases Mine Monitoring Solution at International Shows

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It has been a busy and exciting spring here at Ackcio, as our team attended several international mining industry trade shows, including EXPOMINA PERÚ 2022, the International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering 2022 (ICSMGE) in Sydney, and the CIM Convention + Expo 2022 in Vancouver. 

These conferences took place on different continents, but they all shared a strong focus on the future of mining. The industry is evolving, and emerging technologies are empowering new levels of safety, productivity and profitability for mining operations. Ackcio is excited to be part of this advancement. 

At the trade shows, our team demonstrated to mining professionals from around the world how Ackcio’s innovative wireless solution enhances the range and reliability of automated industrial sensor monitoring.

This post is a primer on how automated remote monitoring can help keep your mining operations running efficiently and ensure people are safe with real-time sensor data feeds. This technology overcomes the limitation of legacy, cable-based solutions, opening up new levels of risk mitigation, productivity and profitability for mines and other critical industries.

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Common Mine Monitoring Challenges

Mines are complex, high-risk and challenging sites. They tend to be located in remote and harsh environments, with monitoring sensors spread over large areas at the surface, as well as deep underground. Comprehensive monitoring of the entire operation, from infrastructure and tailings dams to open pits and underground areas, is crucial. 

Some of the most common challenges faced by mines include: 

  1. Difficulty placing sensors in required underground locations
  2. Urgent need for real-time data
  3. Unreliable and costly cable-based and manual monitoring solutions
  4. Remote site locations, underground depth and hard to access places make safety a big priority
  5. Dynamic and constantly evolving environment
  6. Site scale and range make monitoring time-consuming and a drain on resources
  7. Expensive monitoring solutions are outside of the budget range
  8. Need for compliance with stringent environmental, social and governance codes and regulations

Ackcio’s Unique Solution

The Ackcio Beam system offers real-time and remote access to geotechnical, structural, and environmental sensors through an end-to-end, mesh-based wireless monitoring solution. Ackcio Mesh eliminates obstacles, such as high noise and large-scale fields, that can disrupt connectivity and reduce data reliability. The mesh topology also provides greater range, allowing mining operators to go far further than other wireless options, even underground.

Ackcio’s solution overcomes the traditional limitations of underground data collection, including a lack of network connectivity. And our resilient, self-healing features prevent data loss.

With Ackcio Beam, you get more data from better sources in real-time, delivering better safety and risk management through smarter, data-driven decisions and increasing the productivity of your site.

How Ackcio Beam was implemented in a mining project in Peru
02 Ackcio Beam Gateways
13 Ackcio Beam VWS1 Nodes
12 Ackcio Beam VWS8 Nodes
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In the extreme south of Peru, on the Chilean border, the Pucamarca Mining Operation undertook a successful technology migration to a new telemetry network. The project included integrating Ackcio data loggers with more than 50 piezometers and 8 settlement sensors. Two Ackcio Gateways are reliably sharing real-time readings with a comprehensive Beemetry monitoring platform, allowing the client to monitor and manage the network remotely. 

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