What’s New at Ackcio in 2021?

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Message from Co-founder and CEO, Nimantha Baranasuriya

The year 2020 will go down as one of the most challenging in recent history. The outbreak of a novel coronavirus caught us all completely off-guard and placed the world in an unprecedented state of emergency. 

Last year was a difficult one for all of us at Ackcio, however, our dedicated team was able to rise and adapt to the challenges of the pandemic and drive growth and service better than we might have seen otherwise.

As the number of cases rose and lockdowns ensued, construction and mining projects came to an abrupt halt. This phenomenon severely restricted legacy practices for monitoring geotechnical and structural instruments, and created a greater demand for automated monitoring systems. As a result, many companies turned to us for a solution.

Being able to fulfil that demand gave us a record year in sales and expanded our operations to over 20 countries across six continents.

This year, as the world races to control the pandemic and revive the economy, we aim to advance thought leadership in the realm of automated wireless monitoring for infrastructure and mining, scale up our operations by investing back into the company, and deepen our presence around the world. We will also look to provide round the clock support for our clients operating globally across multiple time zones with challenging work hours.

One key avenue by which we plan to accomplish our goal is through technology. Last year, our R&D department delivered several pioneering product updates, most notably the integration of our technology with Measurand ShapeArray sensors. 

In the past, we had observed that many of our deployment sites used ShapeArray sensors. However, they were monitored using a different data acquisition system. By integrating our technology with Measurand’s, we were able to provide a unified data acquisition system for both our clients and Measurand. 

This year, our R&D team will be working on similar technology integrations to benefit geotechnical monitoring contractors in the coming months. What’s more, on the innovation front, they will have several new products lined up to join the Ackcio Beam product suite, boasting new capabilities that are in demand from both our clients and partners. 

Thanks to these and other R&D developments, we are now more capable than ever to take on several new and exciting projects introduced to us this year. Among them, a new tunnelling project at Changi Airport in Singapore that will require an Ackcio Beam system comprising at least 150 Ackcio devices. We will also be commencing several new mining and infrastructure projects in Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia in the first quarter of 2021 alone.

Overall, we hope that 2021 will be a year when we expand our presence in our current markets as well as new ones, provide greater support for our clients around the world, and advance our mission to be the industry standard for wireless monitoring applications. 

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