Introducing Ackcio Beam Battery Pack

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We are proud to launch our latest accessory product, Ackcio Beam Battery Pack, BEAM-BP, to make Ackcio Beam deployments last longer with up to 5 times extended battery lifetimes.

The Ackcio Beam Battery Pack is built to increase the battery lifetime for deployments that are remote and intended to be monitored for a duration longer than the default battery life of individual Ackcio Nodes. Having batteries that need to be often replaced also comes with associated logistical costs for multiple days, and multiple people must be available to aid if the project is large. 

Furthermore, some monitoring projects use very large digital sensor chains like In-place Inclinometers and Shape Arrays that consume more battery power. These deployments can now be monitored for extended durations by using the Battery Pack.

Why did we build it?

Extend Battery Lifetimes

The Battery life of an Ackcio Node is a function of a lot of external factors, such as: 

  1. Environmental temperature
  2. Number of sensors connected to the Node
  3. Frequency of sensing of the connected sensors 

Due to this, the lifetime of a regular Lithium battery is limited, with no flexibility on ways to extend it. This problem is exacerbated in deployments that have Ackcio Nodes supporting large digital sensor chains like In-place Inclinometers or Shape Arrays, where batteries would die faster given the larger power requirement of the long sensor chains.

Make Battery Replacements Smoother

Another consideration we had is the remote and inconvenient deployment locations of our Ackcio Nodes that are hard to access once deployed in the field. Such locations make it difficult for engineers to carry out maintenance visits to do battery replacements when needed.

We’ve created the BEAM-BP to make the battery change more efficient and convenient. The BEAM-BP can be installed in an easily accessible location on a project site for the batteries to be changed or replaced when required. 

Differentiating Product

Most competing wireless monitoring products on the market currently support non-replaceable batteries or a fixed count of replaceable batteries. With this in mind, we manufactured the BEAM-BP as a cost-effective product to extend the battery lifetimes of any deployment with minimal effort.

Benefits of the BEAM-BP

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We developed the Ackcio Beam Battery Pack to extend the battery life of Ackcio Nodes by up to 5 times. It is the perfect accessory for improving your deployments in several ways:

  1. It is ideal for powering long-duration deployments that exceed the battery lifetime of individual Nodes.
  2. It is especially useful for projects using long digital sensor chains like In-place Inclinometers and Shape Arrays.
  3. It can be used to minimise battery replacements in remote and hard-to-reach locations such as in tunnels and mines.
  4. It provides greater battery performance in extremely low-temperature environments.
  5. It can be installed in easily accessible locations on project sites, allowing for quick and easy battery changes when needed.

How it works

Ackcio Beam Battery Pack is very easy to use and requires only three steps:

  1. Insert batteries into the Battery Pack. The batteries must be in multiples of 2, and it supports up to 8 LiSOCl2 D-type batteries.
  2. Connect one end of a power extension wire to the Battery Pack and the other end of it to the Battery Adaptor that comes with the Battery Pack.
  3. Insert the Battery Adaptor into the battery connector of the Ackcio Node that you want to power with the Battery Pack, and then use the Ackcio Node as usual.

Note that the Battery Pack supports only Ackcio Digital Nodes for now. Support for other Nodes will be added soon.

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See it in action

If you would like to learn more or see the new Battery Pack in action, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team using our [email protected] email address.