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Making industrial monitoring simple, smart, and safe

In this webinar, Ackcio and Inzwa experts discuss how you can automate data acquisition, data management and analytics for a broad range of geotechnical and structural health monitoring projects.

Ackcio's flagship solution, Ackcio Beam, can transmit data acquired from monitoring sensors reliably to Inzwa's data management system, providing users with a seamless deployment experience while extracting meaningful value for decision-making.

In this webinar you can expect:

    • The role of remote monitoring and how it can benefit your project
    • Overview of Ackcio Beam wireless data acquisition system
    • Overview of Inzwa platform
    • Demonstration of Ackcio Beam and Inzwa platform
    • Live Q&A session

Duration: 45 minutes

Presented by

Michael Crusi

Co-founder & CTO
INZWA Monitoring Solutions