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Infrastructure monitoring through Ackcio & tailored:systems technologies

In this webinar, Ackcio and tailored:systems’ experts provide insight on how to automate your monitoring projects in the infrastructure industry through a simplified remote monitoring solution. We can provide a seamless deployment experience for you, from data collection and transmission to processing and visualization resulting in enhanced safety, improved efficiency and increased productivity.

Key highlights:

  • Importance of digitizing infrastructure projects to help protect assets, reduce costs and keep people safe
  • Common infrastructure monitoring challenges
  • Key facts about wireless monitoring solutions vs legacy solutions
  • Live demonstration of Ackcio Beam and IoTailor platform
  • Sharing of real deployment cases
  • Live Q&A session

Duration: 1 hour

Presented by

Shaun Ahern

Global Sales Director

David Gomez

Chief Sales Officer

Oscar Guevara

Chief Business Officer