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Choosing the right gateway for industrial monitoring success

It’s important to select the appropriate hardware and software to best support each monitoring project.

Ackcio Gateway helps to configure deployments and manages sensor data collected by our Ackcio Beam monitoring system securely and conveniently. End users get to retain complete ownership of their data, which is encrypted end-to-end as it moves along Ackcio’s transmission from Nodes to the Gateway.

Watch the webinar recording as we discuss how we empower decision-makers to process their data at the edge for successful deployments.

Key highlights:

  • Capabilities of Ackcio’s central receiver, Ackcio Gateway
  • Capabilities of Ackcio Snape software which runs on the Gateway
  • Compatibility of Ackcio Gateway with major monitoring data software providers
  • Live demonstration of Ackcio Snape software
  • Live Q&A session

Duration: 30 min

Presented by

Arul Kumar

Software Technical Lead