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Reliable Wireless Communication for Industrial Monitoring

A Guide for Engineers and Decision-Makers

White Paper Cover Reliable Wirdustrial Monitoring

Industrial monitoring is becoming increasingly important, given the rise in regulatory frameworks that mandate safe and risk-free operations. Most industries conduct stringent monitoring processes by deploying a range of sensors to monitor different parameters of a site. Periodic readings from these sensors provide valuable insights to stakeholders and help them to better manage risks and enhance safety.

While traditional cable-based or manual (manpower-based) monitoring data acquisition systems still work, the recent advances in wireless technologies have brought more reliable and cost efficient solutions.

From this white paper, you will know:

Why Wireless Communication for Industrial Monitoring

Why are LPWAN wireless technologies better suited for industrial monitoring

Some widely used LPWAN technologies

What is Ackcio Mesh and how is it different from other LPWAN technologies

Why is Ackcio Mesh a better LPWAN option for Industrial Monitoring

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