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We deployed our system to monitor vibrating wire piezometers, strain gauges, load cells, EL Beam tiltmeters, and digital tiltmeters at an upcoming MRT station in Singapore. Some of the sensors are located in an underground carpark of a residential building and hence did not have direct connectivity with the gateway, which is located in a central location in the site. Nonetheless, since our nodes are equipped with our long-range, Ackcio Wireless Mesh network, all nodes are capable of sending their data to the gateway either directly or by relaying through other nodes.

Geotechnical Monitoring Projects


Canal Project - Singapore

Monitoring a 1km long canal segment

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MRT line - Singapore

Monitoring sensors at an MRT project

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Office Building - Singapore

Monitoring load on support beams

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Structural Monitoring Projects


Services Tunnel - Singapore

Monitoring a deep-underground tunnel

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Residences - Singapore

Tilt monitoring of an apartment complex

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TBM Thrust Frame - Singapore

Monitoring of welded strain gauges

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